Melissa H

Avid Reader. Word Lover. Grammar Slayer. 

Editor Extraordinaire.


Welcome to Composed Success.

I’m Melissa Hofpar — writer, editor, and business owner.

Here’s the quick story on my background:

I started college wanting to become a registered nurse. However, after feeling somewhat pigeon-holed in my career choice after one year into the nursing program, I decided to become a journalist instead. What better way to leave the whole world open for exploration than to live in the realm of breaking news and talk to notable individuals changing our world? While pursuing that path, I interned at a weekly newspaper, served as editor of the student newspaper, and landed a paid technical writing internship at a software development firm.

Upon discovering the world of technical writing — and the many opportunities to work in that wondrous intellectual intersection of the technical and the artistic — I realized that, instead of just reporting on people who were changing the world, I could play a small role in that process myself. I remained in the business world, and for more than a decade, served in a few different roles beyond technical writer. I worked with many fascinating, brilliant people, including inventors, researchers, software developers, statisticians, biologists, doctors, IT professionals, and others. I gained experience in product development and quality management, especially in the fields of medical device development, software development, biopharmaceuticals, and computer validation. I’ve written and edited manuals, SOPs, proposals, marketing copy, white papers, reports, and so much more.

During my career, my love for learning — that particular requirement for success in writing of any kind — began to blossom into a love for teaching, as well, and I dabbled in academia as an adjunct English instructor, an ESL tutor, and a freelance dissertation editor.

I originally began freelance work in order to foster that love for learning across multiple industries and through many different types of projects, and now I work full-time in a freelance role, helping others use communication to further their success.

If you’d like to discuss my experience further in order to determine if I could help your organization succeed, please call me at (919-696-1500) or email me at melissa@composedsuccess.com. I’d be happy to send you my full resume or a list of references.