Right brain, meet left brain…

Your research findings are significant, but complex. Your training documentation must relay critical information to employees across the country. You need your proposal for that big potential client to stand out. Your website or your product support material must reflect your company’s voice in a unified manner.

Simply put, you know that your communication must flawlessly reach its intended audience, but you just don’t have the time or bandwidth to manage it.

You may know exactly what you need in a writer or editor. Or you may realize that your documentation needs a little extra “something” — but you’re not quite sure what that is yet.

You just know one thing: Words matter.

That’s the area in which Composed Success thrives.

Composed Success offers a unique blend of editing services that recognizes tone and voice — in addition to technical and creative needs — within business documentation. We’ve helped companies, academic researchers, entrepreneurs, and even authors perfect their messaging and reach their applicable audiences. 

We work behind the scenes. We’re here to make you (or your company, your research, or your book) look good. Most of all, we want you to achieve success!

Melissa Hofpar


To obtain more information or request a rate sheet, please contact Melissa at melissa@composedsuccess.com or at (919) 696-1500.